Social Media

Social Media

Social Media, Viral and Word of Mouth Marketing

Combining conventional marketing with social media such as:
Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin | Pinterest | Google Plus+


The combination of social media and marketing can reach a huge audience in a cost effective way

Social media and radio are great lead generators

Consumers are influenced by the opinions of their peers, friends and family highly when handled well.


  • High risk communications technique
  • Requires significant initial investment and constant monitoring
  • Challenging as people don’t like be ‘sold to’ via social media channels
  • Choice of content and understanding the audience is critical

Offline integration tools and how they add value to Digital Media channels:

  • Normal marketing and advertising messages and channels are totally inappropriate, other than simply directing people to the page
  • Write in a different voice to advertising words and be:

–  Creative | Honest and courteous | Individual | Conscious of the audience | Update regularly