Twitter is a chance to liven up your image. Tweeting about your people and your brand’s personality gives followers a sense of your business as more than just a supplier of goods or services.

Seeking feedback on your business

Many Australian businesses use social media, including Twitter, to invite online feedback, reviews or comments. This information is useful for businesses that want to improve and also for potential customers doing research for their own purchase.

Plan your approach

Your business should have a clear agenda for using Twitter. Like any other business strategy, using Twitter is best planned. Think through:

  • what you want to achieve
  • who you are targeting
  • what you want your target audience to do
  • who is going to do what to make it happen
  • how you will know it’s working.

Use Twitter in conjunction with other marketing tools

Twitter works best when it’s used in conjunction with other marketing tools, including other social media. Twitter is not an instant solution to improve a business. It can work well as part of a marketing plan if you invest the time and effort into using it well. But remember, only a small proportion of the population use Twitter, and many people who use it do so irregularly. If they don’t happen to see your tweet within a reasonable time of you posting it, they are unlikely to ever see it.

Keeping your followers interested relies on you having interesting things to tweet. Social media users want discounts, giveaways, invitations to events and product information from businesses. Don’t tweet unless you have something to say that your audience wants to hear – but be aware of the importance of maintaining regular conversation.

Think about the tone of voice you use

Twitter is designed for conversation, not advertising. You can ask questions in your tweets. You should reply to comments, complaints or compliments as close to instantly as possible. You can join in conversations with people or businesses that you follow. And you can retweet interesting tweets from others, as long as you credit the source.