What is YouTube?

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Anyone with an internet connection can share content on YouTube whether they be you and I or the Prime Minister of Australia. Owned by Google, YouTube is available in nearly every country in the world in over 50 different languages. It is seriously easy to set up and use. All you need is a smartphone with a simple microphone attachment and you’re ready to go.

Yes, but what does it do?

YouTube is an online video hosting service that lets people share their videos. It enables people around the world to interact, share and create content through ‘online communities’. Your business could use YouTube to launch or promote products, express your brand’s ‘personality’, monitor feedback, provide customer service and help your customers spread the word about your business.

How does it work?

YouTube provides a simple way for people to store videos online and share them with others. YouTube videos cover any topic anyone cares to upload a video about. These videos are easy to share via other forms of social media, email and through your website. It can also be embedded in other people’s websites if they find your story interesting and informative. It’s really all about sharing stuff. You can make a video publicly available to anyone, or share it privately with selected people. You can also use YouTube Analytics, which is a self-service analytics and reporting tool. It provides data about each video you upload, so you can easily track how many views it gets, where people are coming from to find it and what type of people are watching it.

What’s so special about setting up a YouTube Channel?

You can set up a YouTube Channel for your business, bringing all your videos together. This allows you to customise your channel with images representing your firm. Your channel includes an ‘About’ section where you can provide a short description of your business and a link to your website or contact details. Your channel is where you group the videos you make and upload, the videos you watch and like, and the playlists of videos you create. Your channel will have a web address (URL) that you can promote on your website or marketing material. People can subscribe to your channel. This means when they log in to YouTube your videos will be listed on their YouTube homepage.

How do I write for YouTube?

A video can be a great way to address a frequently asked question or help troubleshoot common problems with your product. It is better to be proactive about this by acknowledging an issue and showing customers how to deal with it, rather than letting the market do it for you and criticise your product in the process. Use words and phrases that talks to your customer in a low-key friendly way and makes them see that you’re sincere and genuine and most importantly there to solve their problem.

Can I launch, support and link YouTube to my other digital Channels?

Yes, you can absolutely and seamlessly launch, support and link YouTube across your Website, Mobile Devices or campaign mini-sites, across your social media profiles (Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook Pages) as well as with reviews, blogs, newsletters or articles appearing on other businesses’ websites.